Tag Trailers

Transportation is a very important part of a growing or developing the economy. The movement of products or goods from its country of origin to the port of its original destination is considered critical since store owners or retailers have loyal customers who are looking forward to purchasing the product for their personal or business needs. When a particular product is out of stock and definitely is away from the shelves of a supermarket, not only a smaller part of the profit is at stake but also the trust and confidence of its clients and regular customers.


Actual conveyance and delivery of important products are considered to be in bulk or in greater quantities since it is intended not only for a few individuals but for a country’s needs. The kind of transportation is a long or an extended steel platform called tag trailers that are attached to trailer trucks. Most of the time, these vehicles traverse the road in a convoy in order for them to see each other’s backs while moving and for them to assist on the road during engine troubles and accidents. Custom designed tag trailers will fit your needs perfectly.

  • Mechanically-foldable and concave tail ends – This innovation has two distinct purposes: first, the downward metal curve facilitates the tires of a forklift or any lifting machine during actual mounting and loading of products on the steel platform. On the other hand, it also serves as a safety lock and cargo suppressor when pressed or folded inwards using chains and specialised cables that make it possible to fasten and strengthen heavy cargoes while in transit.
  • Rough and slightly protruding floor spikes or grooves – Depending on the type of cargo loaded on the tag trailer, there should be a way to secure it while on the floor. The spikes forming a cross prevents heavy cargoes from moving and bumping sideways, especially during treacherous bends and swerves along the road. During winter and rainy seasons, slight precipitation creates moisture and makes the cargo hold wet and slippery; thus, this feature makes it dependable and reliable at all times.
  • Versatile, all-weight, and all-cargo capacity – Tag trailers are also designed to load and unload extra heavy machinery or equipment like bulldozers and backhoes during a major road and bridge construction projects. Its length and width are ideal for the size and weight of whatever that needs to be loaded. Looking at it from a close range could describe the load as like a king sitting on a throne without any sign of slips or unnecessary movements on whatever direction.
  • Skeletal, thorough or non-skeletal, flatbed, and hollow centre trailer design – Each of these unique designs serve a specific function or purpose. Skeletal trailers are good for cargoes that have uneven or complex bottoms that require other reinforcements for proper placement and security. On the other hand, flatbeds and non-skeletal beds are ideal for cargoes with even or flat bottoms. Moreover, hollow-centred trailers facilitate the protection of under chassis of specialised heavy equipment and machinery while side platforms mount the wheels or tires with great ease and comfort.
  • Easy-install, retractable and detachable capacity – When tag trailers are not in use, they could be stored or lined-up in an organised manner. In times when they are most needed, they could be simply attached to a trailer truck engine’s wheel and axle; therefore, once everything is properly checked and secured, they’re good to go to hit the road to their individual destinations.