Old Man EMU

If you are a frequent traveler on out back terrains or if you use your vehicle for competition purposes, it is important to invest in a fully integrated old man EMU suspension. The suspensions are designed for superior performance on all kinds of terrains. It can help improve a vehicles performance drastically and also help improve the vehicle’s towing abilities.

The suspensions are customised keeping individual needs of the user in mind. Hundreds of hours are spent testing each part separately. Also the various parts are then designed keeping the harsh Australian terrains in mind.

When compared to all other quality suspensions old man suspensions have an extra edge when it comes down to load carrying capacity. However this is not the only quality of EMU suspensions, it also include all of the following:

  • It has a balanced and low spring rate
  • It offers a more comfortable ride
  • Also better control and articulation

In other words the old man EMU suspensions are the best riding and performing springs. It strikes just the right balance between street comfort and off road performance. Despite the fact that there are many suspensions which are considered superior jut on the basis of their price, they would provide you with a ride which is simply brutal. On the other hand EMU suspensions offer you the most luxurious ride ever. Plus when it comes down to hitting the trail these suspensions provide the maximum flex compared to other suspensions which simply stay stationary.

Old man emu suspensions have the biggest range of accessories for 4WD vehicles. The different customer requirements ranging from load carrying capacities to applications pertaining to mining and farming, you name it, and they got it.

Old man EMU springs

The springs help support the weight of the vehicle while also adding an additional few inches to the vehicle’s height. This in turn helps determine the kind of ride offered by the vehicle. However in order for the spring to work correctly, it is also necessary to pair it with a correctly matched shock absorber. The shock absorber helps control the spring and determines the quality of the ride. In other words springs provide the vehicle with flexibility and helps to keep the vehicle ride sooth on uneven terrains. Meanwhile the shock absorbers ensure that the extra flexibility doesn’t let the vehicle bounce out of control.

With so many benefits which an old man suspensions have to offer, it’s no wonder they are the first choice of smart drivers across Australia. Not only does it offer the best ride ever but is also affordable when compared to the rest of the 4 WD accessories available in the market.

When buying these suspensions make sure you buy them from a licensed dealer. While you may be tempted to buy suspensions which cost less than old man EMU suspensions, yet keep in mind that the quality of the ride would be severely affected. So make sure you invest in the best quality old man EMU suspensions