Medical Equipment Suppliers

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical equipment and supplies are referred to various tools, medical consumables, devices and instruments which are used in the healthcare establishments and hospitals. These medical equipment and supplies are of many different kinds such as hospital hollowware, suction units, diagnostic medical equipment, rubber medical equipment supplies, medical consumables and hospital consumables, autoclaves and much more. Many companies are involved in the trade of these medical supplies and hospital supplies wholesale. The main commonly medical equipment and supplies that are used are malecot catheters, rubber sheets, surgical rubber bulbs, stomach tube, Ryles tube, rubber infant syringes, pipette bulb, douche tube, endotracheal tubes and much more.

Classification of Medical Supplies

Medical equipment is normally classified in regard to their functions. Like for the case of diagnostic equipment we have devices like x-ray, ultrasound, MRI machines and more. For Therapeutic equipment we have infusion pumps, radiation therapy machines, medical lasers, etc. furthermore, for patients who are in critical conditions are advised to use therapeutic medical equipment like dialysis machines, heart-lung machines, ventilators and more. The medical condition of a patient is made easier and possible to the healthcare providers by monitoring of devices like blood pressure equipment, EEG, and ECG.

Uses and Market of Various Medical Supplies

Autoclave is a medical supply that sterilizes materials or equipment with high temperatures and pressure so as to ensure their safety for use and hygiene. These devices mostly use pressurized steam or heat for exposing contaminated materials and making them sterile. Autoclaves are mostly provided by many companies which are engaged in the business of medical supplies and hospital supplies wholesale. Autoclaves are mostly invaluable and are frequently used for the purpose of sterilizing many hospital consumables effectively.

Diagnostic medical equipment consists of devices such as a clinical thermometer, anesthesia equipment, laryngoscope, BP monitor, spirometer, glucometer, and much more that are used mostly for diagnosing and detecting and also assisting in treatment and prevention of different kinds of disorders and ailments afflicting human body. Australia is ranked as the best supplier for these patient diagnostic equipment. It also serves as a base to many companies that are in need of suppliers of medical equipment in Australia, or medical supplies and hospital supplies wholesale.

Hospital consumables consist of bandages, antiseptics, syringes, medical tapes, cotton roll, face tissues, surgical needles, sanitary products, etc. These medical consumables have a number of uses that vary from one equipment to another.

Medical hollowware is medical equipment items that are designed with hollow vessels by medical supplies and hospital supplies wholesale industries. Some examples of commonly used hollowware medical equipment supplies are bedpans, dressing drums, instrument sterilizers, catheter trays, surgical boxes, kidney trays and needle cases. They have a number of uses in the patient care.

Medical rubber product refers to a large number of goods such as rubber sheets, breast pumps, surgical rubber tubes, rubber catheters and other medical consumables that are made of elastic materials and water-repellent. Some of the hospital rubber products that are frequently used are nelaton catheters, rubber ice bags, chloroform bellows, rebreathing bags, rubber sheets, nasal aspirators, rectal tube and much more.

Medical refrigerators used are of different kinds of machines and devices that are used for monitoring, cooling, preservation of samples or for heating. These medical refrigerators are primarily designed for the purpose of storing non-volatile biological specimens and non-volatile reagents.

Finally the suction units are medical equipment consisting of tools and devices that are created for the purpose of performing emergency applications related to suction in infants, children and adult. These suction units make use of most medical consumables and are readily available in the market.