Why is Fire Equipment Maintenance Necessary

All home owners and business owners should know the importance of fire equipment testing for maintenance basis. It is mandated that a responsible person should carry out the maintenance check on a regular basis. This person should be a professional who belongs to the fire equipment testing services.

They should carry out the assessment to rule out any risk which could occur due to the presence of faulty equipment. The following are a few reasons why fire equipment testing in Brisbane should be conducted on a regular basis.

  • It is necessary that all domestic and commercial properties should have the right kind of fire equipment in its vicinity to help douse of a fire. Fire equipment is either passive or active and it is mandatory to check both kind of equipment at regular intervals.
  • The person responsible for the equipment testing is responsible for checking equipment like fire doors. They make sure that the fire doors are operating properly and are checked for the presence of obstructions. The door should close normally at all times without difficulty.
  • They would also carry out a fire alarm testing. However fire alarm testing should also be conducted on a monthly basis by home and business owners themselves. Besides these emergency lighting systems and fire extinguishers are tested as well. Fire alarms come in a variety of designs to suit different purposes. Whether you have a conventional alarm system, an analogue alarm system or a wireless alarm system, all these need to be inspected meticulously.
  • It is necessary to check that the detection devices are paced in the right position and not in any poor position. Alarm systems which are not placed strategically can only increase the risk of the fire in the long run.

Maintaining fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are quite effective when it comes to putting out small fires in either residential or commercial properties. It is essential to have fire extinguishers placed strategically in key positions throughout the building to allow for ease of access in case of a fire.

It is necessary to make sure that fire extinguishers are in proper working order. These should be maintained by a fire safety approved company. This is to ensure that the extinguisher has been checked and serviced by a competent professional.

They would check the pressure gauge and also check the extinguisher for signs of corrosion and damage.

Assessing the risk of fire

Besides checking the fire safety equipment it is also necessary to carry out a fire risk assessment on the property. This is an important part of any fire safety service and should be conducted with utmost care.

All the equipment and the complete area is checked for any risks. Also equipment which needs to be serviced is taken away and returned the very day. Also equipment which needs to be replaced is done so immediately to prevent any sort of risk. Employees are also trained regarding a fire exit route. They are taught the necessary actions in case a fire occurs.

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Fire Safety Tips

Nothing is more hazardous than a fire accident. Imagine having to wake up in the middle of the night, the fire alarm ringing and the panic. Not a pleasant scenario but something which does seem to happen quite often by even the smallest of mistake on our parts. The following are a few fire safety tips which can help prevent a fire hazard and keep you and your loved ones safe.

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The most important tips for fire safety

  • Make sure that fire alarms are installed on all levels of your home.
  • Always test smoke alarms on a regular basis. A monthly check up will help ensure that it’s in proper working order
  • Have a detailed talk with all members of your family for an escape plan in case there’s a fire. It also helps if you practice that plan every six months
  • In case of a fire make sure to exit your home and stay outside. Never go back for any of your possessions

Preventing home fires

Prevention of fire hazards comes with developing the following habits

  • Items which might easily catch fire should be kept at a distance of three feet and more
  • One of the leading cause of home fires is smoke equipment. If you are a smoker practice precautions like using fie safe cigarette. Avoid smoking while in bed and do not smoke if anyone in your home is using an oxygen tank
  • Your ashtrays should always be handy and always douse off the cigarette butts in water instead of throwing them on the floor or stamping over them
  • Keep things like match sticks and lighters away from the reach of children
  • Teach them the importance of practicing fire safety habits
  • Make sure all your portable heater are turned off as soon as you leave the room
  • Don’t keep burning candles unattended, even if it takes a single visit to the loo and back. It takes less than a minute for anything to catch fire

Reducing the risk of fire

  • Heating equipment in your home should be in efficient working condition. Poorly maintained stoves and furnaces are the leading causes of kitchen fire. So make sure your stoves and furnaces are repaired on a regular gift
  • Avoid using kerosene heaters. If you are using one make sure to refill it only after it has cooled down completely
  • Have the electrical wiring checked on a regular basis. Short circuits and fuse can lead to fire hazards as well
  • All combustible material should be stored in a cool dry and safe place
  • Don’t overload the extension cords and outlets
  • Space heaters should be placed on a hard surface and not on rugs or near bedding material
  • Choose space heater models which are installed with an automatic turn off option. Anything which doesn’t conform to the safety standards shouldn’t be bought.


However despite all the above mentioned safety practices, the best way to prevent fire within your homes and offices is to install the correct fire safety equipment available in Queensland. For further information on cost an installation make sure you visit you local fire equipment specialists.