Identifying a Fake Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractors in Gold Coast

Tips to Identifying a Fake Electrical Contractor in Gold Coast

It is very important to always keep your electrical system within your home safe and effective and efficient, but in case of a malfunctioning, you have to contact an electrician, who is of course qualified, to settle the issue. Nevertheless, getting a qualified and experienced personnel in this field may be tricky and quite a task especially in Gold Coast where there numerous companies and contractors dealing with electrical services. Most of the electrical contractors in Gold Coast are very well experienced since they handle a variety of electrical tasks daily including switchboard upgrades, LED lighting upgrades, safety inspections, power point installation, installations of an antenna, fault finding etc.

Most of these electrical contractors in Gold Coast will give you the best advice on how to run your project. They will help you design, supply and execute their wide range of services into your property. Some even offer free call support for their customers and very committed to their policy and professional ethics. For example, they maintain no job is too big or too small, answering your call is a must, available any time of the day or week, being efficient even in your budget, turning up right on time and even offering professional services. Despite having many well-intending and reputable contractors we also have fake ones which you should be very careful not to fall into their hands. That’s why this article will help you identify at far a fake and a genuine electrical contractor.

Identifying a Fake Electrical Contractor in Gold Coast

Have you ever known that you can be sued because of hiring an unlicensed contractor? You might be asking yourself, like seriously? And that’s it, despite having some shoddy job done; you might end up in jail which is not good for you. In addition, if he gets hurt on your property and sues you, he will definitely win. That’s why you need to know how to know these illegal guys:

  • They rush you and promise for some special price if you act immediately
  • Their license numbers have some different numbers, numerals, digits, and letters
  • If he only provides box numbers only, that shows he is a fake one, and as soon as you start complaining you will never be able to trace them
  • They ask for huge amounts in advance
  • They don’t have their websites, estimates or license number in their vehicles
  • They go door to door telling you they have just finished some work down street
  • They neglect construction permits or they don’t want to get involved at

If you identify any of those signs, you better not waste your time listening to them otherwise you will regret after they are done with you. How then can you get the right electrical contractor?

Tricks to Getting the Right Electrical Contractor in Gold Coast

The first thing that you can do is to find out the requirements of every electrical contractor by the law. One thing you should know is that all contractors must be licensed in Gold Coast and therefore ensure the following:

  • Always find your contractor by word of mouth, don’t always trust what you see on the papers
  • Ask the contractor to show you the license in an actual paper
  • Always get the full name, company name and their license numbers and counter check them with the licensing department.
  • Ask for a history of complaints from the department concerning that particular contractor
  • Ask the contractor for any test they did before getting the license
  • Let them be licensed to do the task

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by anyone.