About Us

The aim of Digital Audio Review:

With a hitherto absence of a dedicated Australian hifi review website, digitalaudioreview.net.au has been created to cover news and reviews of interesting and affordable hifi equipment landing down under.

If you judge a loudspeaker by its frequency response curve or a DAC manufacturer by its choice of chip then this website is probably not for you. I believe audio reviews shouldn’t be padded with too much information about the manufacturer’s history or the (often endless) minutiae of the features list.I write from a consumer perspective, reviewing hifi products based on how they sound – the emotional response they solicit from the listener – and not just the specifications sheet.

There is an emphasis on digital sources, amplifiers and loudspeakers from lesser-known manufacturers; and particularly Australian distributors who strive for price parity with international markets. Reviews are conducted in real-world living spaces with a range of ancillary products that cater mostly to more modestly-sized listening rooms and budgets.

I won’t insult your intelligence by regurgitating press releases to appear as faux-conversations between myself and distributors. What you read in the news section ARE the actual press releases sent to me.
The showcase section profiles real-world systems from hifi enthusiasts and music lovers from right across Australia.
Like to see something covered on Digital Audio Review?  Email articles@digitalaudioreview.net.au with your suggestion.