Why hiring Professional Spray Painters is the best option

Painters that give you a cheap quote can prove tempting when you are thinking of having your boat, home, or office repainted. However, there’s more to painting than just a colour change.

Hiring professional spray painters is a sound investment if you want high-quality services and paints used on your painting projects.

Hiring professional spray painters for all your painting projects is always the best option. Here’s why:

They are considered experts in what they do

Hiring professional spray painters for your project is, obviously, not their first painting project. Their countless years of painting other projects have made them the experts in this field. The various projects they have tackled over the years have made them come up with the right approaches and techniques to handle any type of painting job.

The results are always high-quality work

Professional spray painters consider their reputations seriously. It means that every painting project has to be of the best quality. Their high-quality work speaks for itself and the thing that sets them apart from other types of painters. Other factors they consider before painting is to check for structural decay and damages before planning a course of action.

They have insurance coverage

They always offer insurance coverage to all their painting projects. Their license and insurance coverage ensure high-quality work in all their projects. Their various customers are assured that mistakes, if any, will be covered by the painter’s insurance and not an extra expenditure.

They are always efficient

The efficient way professional spray painters provide for their projects is one of the top benefits they have over ordinary painters. It means that time-saving and efficient work in all their projects is always considered a top priority. Their attention to the smallest details of the project makes them worth the expense.

They have the right equipment

Buckets, roller and paintbrushes, and spray equipment are not the only materials needed to provide a great painting job. Specific types of equipment such as spraying tools, patching tools, safety gear, and calk play important roles in spray painting. It can cost a pretty penny to invest in these pieces of equipment for a one-time painting project.

Using the equipment the right way is another issue that has to be considered. Not having to contend with problems such as painting equipment and high-quality painting work are resolved by hiring professional spray painters.

They are cost-effective

Hiring professional spray painters can be expensive. However, the expense becomes bigger when the painting work is fraught with mistakes. Not performing the right prep, not being equipped with the right tools, and not using the right kind of paints are costly mistakes.

Hiring professional spray painters in the first place is a cost-effective option than either opting for DIY or hiring ordinary painters. The great painting job they do is always worth every penny.

You’re happier with the results

Being satisfied and happy with the painting job is always the best solution for all your painting jobs.

Unless you’re an expert painter, any painting project you have brings the best results when you hire the best. Professional spray painters are considered the best when it comes to painting all types of structures. Contact us at www.spraytechmarine.com/ to learn more about us.

The Benefits of Using Electric Park BBQ’s

Are you thinking of spending some quality time with your loved ones? A visit to one of the many parks in Sydney is a great idea. What’s more, you an even enjoy a delicious BBQ on the dozens of Electric Park BBQ’s scattered across the park in different locations. Nothing spells festivity then a good BBQ. Especially if you are obsessed with good food and great company, a barbeque can be a good initiative. Not only does it help you spend a good time with friends and family but is a great way of spending time in the great outdoors.

There are several benefits to using the electric park barbeques. These include the following:

  • You don’t have to worry about buying your own electric grill. If you are a fan of barbequed food, you might have often considered getting your own grill. While it may be an expensive option, it still doesn’t beat cooking food on an electric park BBQ.
  • Electric barbeques are pretty simple to use. Unlike the usual charcoal grills which require a whole lot of prep and primping, electric grill are much simpler to use. You just need to push a button or two and let the meat char on the grills and enjoy the delicious smoky flavor of the meet on a warm balmy evening.
  • Using the free barbeque grill in the park means you can save up on the electricity in your home as well. What more could you ask for? Instead of having to worry about the bill you simply focus on enjoying your food amidst a beautiful setting. The lush greenery and the open air area different story altogether. The can beat a home barbeque any day. In fact you can choose to have a barbeque at whatever time of the year you want to.
  • The food cooks evenly on an electric barbeque. You don’t have to worry about an uneven temperature. Just choose a setting on which you want the food to be cooked and you are good to go.

The basic etiquette for using electric park BBQ’s

There are certain rules and regulations which should be consider before you use an electric bbq Australia. These are as follows:

  • It’s completely safe to use public park barbeques. However, it’s important that you clean the barbeque before you start using it. Even if it appears clean, it wouldn’t take a lot of time to wipe down the grill and use it for yourself.
  • If possible place a foil on top of the grill as an extra measure. This would reassure you that your food is being cooked as cleanly as possible.
  • Once you have finished cooking its best to remove the foil and wipe off the spill to make sure that someone else can use it without a hassle.
  • The grill site should be left as clean as possible.as a responsible citizen it is your job to make sure that you don’t spoil the area by throwing your garbage.



Finding the right rubbish removal service in Melbourne

Are you looking for rubbish removal in Melbourne? It is important to find the right rubbish removal service in order to get rid of all the crap and waste in your homes or offices. While there are whole lot of junk removal services in Melbourne, you need to find someone who is reliable.

Make sure to keep the following things in mind when hiring a junk removal service:

  • Always choose a company which has the ability and the equipment to carry out the rubbish removal. They should have the proper equipment like trolleys and trailers to help them carry off huge loads of rubbish. In fact if the waste you need to be removed is heavy and big, they should have the resources to handle that as well.
  • Also find out about the company recycling policies. Just because they have taken the waste of your hands doesn’t mean it’s all done and dusted. In fact it’s better to know how a company would handle all the waste which comes to it. They should act in an environmentally responsible manner making sure that they deposit everything off in the right way. Jut dumping it off to waste area is not the way to go about it. They should take steps to ensure that everything is put to sue by recycling.
  • Care should be taken when disposing off environmentally hazardous substances. This means asbestos sheets, lead paint and a variety of other chemicals. These need to be taken of by being directed toward centers which are responsible for disposing of hazardous waste.
  • Also take a look at the kind of customer support they offer. Get to know whether they are updated, call them up to get complete information on the options which they can supply you with. Do they answer your queries? Do they underrate the responsibility of showing up on time and working in a discreet manner? All these things should be considered because you have to find a rubbish removal service in Melbourne which is completely reliable.
  • Get to know how much they would charge for the services which they provide. Just don’t go for a rubbish removal which is charging you very little. You should make sure that all the above mentioned should be taken into consideration as well. While saving one may seem attractive but you need to be responsible when hiring a rubbish removal service. Just don’t hire someone who charges less. Do your research and find out their other qualities as well.

Beware of companies which make tall claims and are not willing to provide you with a quote. It’s on you to make sure that you have found a reliable service. Make sure you do your research. Get on the internet and find out about all the local rubbish removal services in your area. Find ones with the best review. Read the comments left by their clients. Also have a word with the people in your circle and find out who they hire to dispose of the waste.

Benefits provided by Fleet Tracking Australia

Managing the whereabouts of various types of fleet vehicles from trucks, bikes, vans, and other vehicle kinds can be helped by a GPS fleet tracking system.

In Australia, the location report is perhaps the main and foremost feature provided by fleet tracking Australia. However, there’s more to the use of fleet tracking than just knowing the exact location of a vehicle and driver.

Different fleet companies have varied needs to allow quick, efficient, and accurate information management in their daily workload. However, the most important benefits that should be part of a GPS vehicle tracking system include:



Costs can be reduced with the use of a fleet tracking system. Information such as effective fuel management is one way to cut costs. Keeping track of driver behaviour can avoid unnecessary costs such as bad driving habits resulting in breakdown times, fuel wastage, payment of speeding fines, and illegal idle times.

Driver behaviour management

A fleet company acquires numerous benefits by managing driver behaviour. Drivers aware of being monitored result in better driving habits and behaviour. Time management becomes better when unnecessary breaks are eliminated. Keeping track of driver behaviour is one of the best ways to improve the policies of the company. It also reduces unnecessary expenses such as fuel and time wastage.

Improved vehicle life cycle

The fleet of vehicles’ life cycle is boosted when GPS system tracks driver behaviour. Excessive and unnecessary costs due to frequent vehicle wear and tear are avoided with real-time management of the fleet. Additionally, business is improved when time is managed efficiently and effectively.

Improved business

There’s no way but up for a fleet company with improved vehicle lifecycle management and better driver behaviour. With these two important factors in place, time is effectively managed, customers are satisfied, revenue is increased, and safety is assured. The accurate information provided by a fleet tracking system gives managers more control over the overall management of the daily workload.

Happy clients

Clients become happier and satisfied with the accurate management processes in place. A fleet tracking system gives a fleet company the ability to provide accurate information about the whereabouts of their vehicles to their various clients. This kind of service eliminates delays and worries from the part of clients eagerly waiting for their goods or to be picked up and dropped to their destinations.

Insurance premium discounts

Insurance companies tend to offer discounts for fleet companies managing their businesses using a vehicle tracking system. These companies have seen the safety benefits as well as the efficient management of fleets and employees provided by the fleet tracking system.

Safety of vehicles and drivers

Road constructions and traffic jams are problems that can be avoided with the use of a vehicle tracking system. Other than this, traffic accidents are greatly reduced when high-traffic routes are avoided. The theft-prevention feature of the fleet tracking system additionally provides more safety measures to the driver, the vehicle, the client, and the business.

Improved time management

Thanks to the fleet tracking system, improved time management is ensured with the improved driver behaviour, efficient fuel management, and improved lifecycle of vehicles.


Vehicle use becomes efficient, fuel wastage is avoided, better routes are used, driver behaviours are improved, and increased revenues are expected, thanks to the fleet tracking in Australia by Fleet Complete.

The Scope of Office Fitouts

When you rent a building to use as an office, you’d probably want to make its interior meet your specifications. Again, how your office interior looks like determine how your customer will behave. So it needs to stand out.  There are many people offering office fit-out services.

The whole process must be meticulously done to ensure better outcomes. Understand that you need to make the interior spaces not only suitable for occupation, but also they must reflect your values. Needless to say, fit-outs are the final part of any construction process and are best done by the occupant.

The type of fit-outs done by an occupant depends on the type of construction and the degree of completion. Thus, there exists a range of fit-out specifications for interior spaces

If you are experienced in office fit-outs, you can do it yourself. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there are dozens of experienced companies and individuals out there such as Corporate Interiors office fit outs. It is advantageous to hire people to help you out with such activities.

Such people clearly understand the complexities and disruptive nature of the refurbishments. Thus, they can plan with the utmost care, to ensure that you get the most out of the process.

Fitout areas

Air conditioning systems

Many people may neglect this part of an office. Trust me; keeping your office cool and supplied with fresh air all the time makes a significant difference. Your office needs the latest air conditioning equipment.

Reception and waiting areas

There are numerous ideas on how to set up your waiting room. However, out of all these, you need the best combination. In the waiting room, emotions are always high. So clients need something calming and assuring such as artwork, displaying wait time, as well as providing free Wi-Fi and charging areas.

Lighting system

How is your lighting like? Is it modern or vintage? What are the colours? How you plan and install your lighting also affects your customers, create something that will blow them off their feet.


The type of office furniture determines work productivity within an office. How comfortable is your employee? If by any means your employees are uncomfortable with their seats or desks, chances are they won’t concentrate on the job for long. This lowers productivity. Similarly, if customers find your seats so uncomfortable, it is indeed a negative experience.

Currently, many businesses opt to buy ergonomic seats, desks and shelves for both employees and customers. In your reception area, ensure that seats are not only comfortable but well arranged.

Individual private offices

Fitting an office will depend on the work they are going to do besides the taste and preference of the user. Still, it is essential to create an atmosphere that reduces tension.

IT and telecommunication

Communication between offices in an organisation must be flawless. Therefore, your offices need state-of-the-art communication equipment. The equipment must be able to support the need for your business adequately.

Note that servers and computers are one of the essential parts of an office. They are a form of technology that ensures flawless operations within your office. Nevertheless, you need to manage them well to get the most out of them.

Again, an office without an internet connection in this era is typically inefficient. The Internet makes it possible to access information at any time. When used together with databases, information can also be stored in cloud-based systems. 




Uses of earth moving equipment in Rock Hampton

Earth moving is not a simple task. It is only an expert who can handle the heavy equipment associated with earth moving work. The heavy duty equipment is used to carry out a number of tasks like excavations, digging and moving the earth.

Earth moving in Rock Hampton entails repairing, constructing, elevating and demolishing structures or buildings. The flowing are a few kinds of earth moving equipment and their uses:

  • Road rollers. As the name suggests road rollers are normally sued for leveling the surface on which they are rolled. People use road rollers for a number of purposes, mainly to smooth out their drive way or any other piece of and to prepare it for construction etc.
  • Hydraulic hammers are more multi-purpose equipment and are normally used for breaking up concrete or hard ground to pave way for further construction. These are usually sued when there is a construction project underway.
  • Pile drivers are mainly sued for laying foundation of a new building. These deliver piles underground. Any successful construction would remain incomplete without pile drivers.
  • Pool diggers are equipped with excavation buckets. These are fitted to cranes and can help in getting rid of small rocks, pieces of mud and waste. These are one of the most useful landscaping equipment and come in handy when designing pools and any other landscape.

  • For drilling purposes augers are the best kind of tools. These comprise of a rotating screw blade and act s screw conveyors. Plus these also come in handy for removing all kinds of debris from holes and underground passages.
  • Cranes are he machines equipped with a bucket. These can easily move and tilt a great deal of heavy waste material. These are also used for getting rid of constructional waste.
  • Drilling machines are used for drilling holes and wells into surfaces. These are also used for landscaping projects like digging pools or inlaying a new surface over an old one.

If you would like to start a new landscaping project or simply dig in a well into your outdoor space you would need to hire a professional to handle all the above mentioned equipment. While some people may be able to use small excavators for carrying out minor projects it’s often best to let professionals handle the earth moving equipment. The main reason is that it’s pretty heavy duty and should be used with a number of safety precautions in mind. Plus there are special precautions which should be taken before the equipment is put to use. If someone who isn’t a professional uses the earth moving equipment there is always a great deal of risk involved.

Before you hire someone for earth moving in Rock Hampton, make sure they are experienced and have a good working reputation. Check out the reviews available on their website and also make sure to talk to a number of contractors. Yeppoon Slashing are earthmovers in Rockhampton. With their years of experience in this industry, they would be a good choice for your excavation needs.



Tag Trailers

Transportation is a very important part of a growing or developing the economy. The movement of products or goods from its country of origin to the port of its original destination is considered critical since store owners or retailers have loyal customers who are looking forward to purchasing the product for their personal or business needs. When a particular product is out of stock and definitely is away from the shelves of a supermarket, not only a smaller part of the profit is at stake but also the trust and confidence of its clients and regular customers.


Actual conveyance and delivery of important products are considered to be in bulk or in greater quantities since it is intended not only for a few individuals but for a country’s needs. The kind of transportation is a long or an extended steel platform called tag trailers that are attached to trailer trucks. Most of the time, these vehicles traverse the road in a convoy in order for them to see each other’s backs while moving and for them to assist on the road during engine troubles and accidents. Custom designed tag trailers will fit your needs perfectly.

  • Mechanically-foldable and concave tail ends – This innovation has two distinct purposes: first, the downward metal curve facilitates the tires of a forklift or any lifting machine during actual mounting and loading of products on the steel platform. On the other hand, it also serves as a safety lock and cargo suppressor when pressed or folded inwards using chains and specialised cables that make it possible to fasten and strengthen heavy cargoes while in transit.
  • Rough and slightly protruding floor spikes or grooves – Depending on the type of cargo loaded on the tag trailer, there should be a way to secure it while on the floor. The spikes forming a cross prevents heavy cargoes from moving and bumping sideways, especially during treacherous bends and swerves along the road. During winter and rainy seasons, slight precipitation creates moisture and makes the cargo hold wet and slippery; thus, this feature makes it dependable and reliable at all times.
  • Versatile, all-weight, and all-cargo capacity – Tag trailers are also designed to load and unload extra heavy machinery or equipment like bulldozers and backhoes during a major road and bridge construction projects. Its length and width are ideal for the size and weight of whatever that needs to be loaded. Looking at it from a close range could describe the load as like a king sitting on a throne without any sign of slips or unnecessary movements on whatever direction.
  • Skeletal, thorough or non-skeletal, flatbed, and hollow centre trailer design – Each of these unique designs serve a specific function or purpose. Skeletal trailers are good for cargoes that have uneven or complex bottoms that require other reinforcements for proper placement and security. On the other hand, flatbeds and non-skeletal beds are ideal for cargoes with even or flat bottoms. Moreover, hollow-centred trailers facilitate the protection of under chassis of specialised heavy equipment and machinery while side platforms mount the wheels or tires with great ease and comfort.
  • Easy-install, retractable and detachable capacity – When tag trailers are not in use, they could be stored or lined-up in an organised manner. In times when they are most needed, they could be simply attached to a trailer truck engine’s wheel and axle; therefore, once everything is properly checked and secured, they’re good to go to hit the road to their individual destinations.

Why you need a storage unit?

Going on a long vacation? You would definitely be worried about your valuables and the possessions in your home. The mere thought of having these unattended are enough to get anyone worried. A great option would be storing your belongings in a storage unit for the time you are away. The following are a few reasons why you should consider a storage unit for storing items:

  • Homes which are empty are often a target of vandalism and theft. While most people say that they have already taken precautions by installing a burglar alarm, there is never a 100 % guarantee of such an incidence not occurring. Whereas when you store items in a secure storage unit, it’s much safer. You can rest assured that your valuables are in a safe place and there is not much you got to worry about. Storage facilities are equipped with the latest security solutions which can help prevent theft.
  • Safe guarding of important documents is often done best at a storage facility. While an empty home could be at risk of a fire, this would destroy all important documents. In order to prevent such a situation its best to put documents away in a storage unit.

  • You can put your valuable furniture in a climate controlled space. Wooden furniture for example is prone to mildew and moisture. It can deteriorate real fast when not aired properly. Leaving furniture unattended in the closed space of your home may not be the smartest move. This holds especially true if you plan on being away for more than six months or so. While some people argue that they would leave the fans or air conditioners open to ensure everything stays fresh, it isn’t wise. It would also result in utility bills which would need to be paid even if you aren’t the one using all those appliances. Therefore a climate controlled storage space is a better idea. Plus it would cost less, as well when hiring storage sheds in Albury.
  • A storage facility is one of the most convenient and easy ways of storing away your item. When the storage space is near your home you could simply keep adding things in the storage until the final day you are about to leave. So this way you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving anything behind unattended.
  • Also you have an option of buying the unit if you want even after you return from vacations. The unit can be kept anywhere in the back yard or garage or any empty space in your home. This is a great way of keeping your home organised and clutter free.
  • Also it’s great for people who might be thinking of permanently moving their home. Once they are on an extended trip they might want to consider giving up their rental home or simply selling off their property. So what better place to store your valuables then a reliable storage unit.

Why is Fire Equipment Maintenance Necessary

All home owners and business owners should know the importance of fire equipment testing for maintenance basis. It is mandated that a responsible person should carry out the maintenance check on a regular basis. This person should be a professional who belongs to the fire equipment testing services.

They should carry out the assessment to rule out any risk which could occur due to the presence of faulty equipment. The following are a few reasons why fire equipment testing in Brisbane should be conducted on a regular basis.

  • It is necessary that all domestic and commercial properties should have the right kind of fire equipment in its vicinity to help douse of a fire. Fire equipment is either passive or active and it is mandatory to check both kind of equipment at regular intervals.
  • The person responsible for the equipment testing is responsible for checking equipment like fire doors. They make sure that the fire doors are operating properly and are checked for the presence of obstructions. The door should close normally at all times without difficulty.
  • They would also carry out a fire alarm testing. However fire alarm testing should also be conducted on a monthly basis by home and business owners themselves. Besides these emergency lighting systems and fire extinguishers are tested as well. Fire alarms come in a variety of designs to suit different purposes. Whether you have a conventional alarm system, an analogue alarm system or a wireless alarm system, all these need to be inspected meticulously.
  • It is necessary to check that the detection devices are paced in the right position and not in any poor position. Alarm systems which are not placed strategically can only increase the risk of the fire in the long run.

Maintaining fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are quite effective when it comes to putting out small fires in either residential or commercial properties. It is essential to have fire extinguishers placed strategically in key positions throughout the building to allow for ease of access in case of a fire.

It is necessary to make sure that fire extinguishers are in proper working order. These should be maintained by a fire safety approved company. This is to ensure that the extinguisher has been checked and serviced by a competent professional.

They would check the pressure gauge and also check the extinguisher for signs of corrosion and damage.

Assessing the risk of fire

Besides checking the fire safety equipment it is also necessary to carry out a fire risk assessment on the property. This is an important part of any fire safety service and should be conducted with utmost care.

All the equipment and the complete area is checked for any risks. Also equipment which needs to be serviced is taken away and returned the very day. Also equipment which needs to be replaced is done so immediately to prevent any sort of risk. Employees are also trained regarding a fire exit route. They are taught the necessary actions in case a fire occurs.

Office Fit Outs Melbourne

Office fit outs in Melbourne help you create work spaces which are customised to a business’s specific needs. It works well for offices where there is ample space provided to add the right kind of furniture and amenities to turn it into a productive workspace.

While office fit outs tend to be expensive, those are in turn a necessity. This is also one reason why smart business owners realise the importance of office fit outs in Melbourne. The major impact of a fit out is on the employees who work in the office. It helps boost the morale of the employees. It helps them become more productive. A space which is actually customised to suit the needs of the people working there has a positive effect on their mentality as well.

The following are a few reasons why you should consider office fit outs in Melbourne:

  • Office fit outs can actually help save cash in terms of renting more space. For example, when you hire professionals to design the layout of the office, they would ensure they would maximise as much space as possible. This way a great deal can be done in the space which is already provided. When everything fits so well and the space is ample there is also no need to go and rent out more space for your office. Everything is well organised and structured.

  • The designers make sure that they capitalise on light and the natural air flow in the building. This helps save up on electricity bills as well. They use designs and strategies which maximise the amount of light which enters the space.
  • The right office fit out is considered future proof. The right fit out equips the office with futuristic innovations.
  • Often a business or a company is judged on the basis of its appearance. The right office fit out can help redesign your space and make it look inviting and classy. This creates a great first impression on the client. When they see that a place is so well equipped and organised they get a positive impression of your business as well.
  • The implementations of classic designs like a floating star case or even an indoor garden with green walls can add a touch of innovation to the place making it look futuristic and modern.
  • It also helps keep the employees felling motivated and productive. Since they are working in an environment which is modern and well equipped with all the amenities, it helps cast a positive impact on their mindset.

There are several companies in Melbourne which offer office fit outs. You need to find one which would be well suited for the budget that you have in mind. Try to find a company which offers rates that are reasonable. The right company would help implement a fit out which creates a stress free and welcoming space for both employees and clients.

Old Man EMU

If you are a frequent traveler on out back terrains or if you use your vehicle for competition purposes, it is important to invest in a fully integrated old man EMU suspension. The suspensions are designed for superior performance on all kinds of terrains. It can help improve a vehicles performance drastically and also help improve the vehicle’s towing abilities.

The suspensions are customised keeping individual needs of the user in mind. Hundreds of hours are spent testing each part separately. Also the various parts are then designed keeping the harsh Australian terrains in mind.

When compared to all other quality suspensions old man suspensions have an extra edge when it comes down to load carrying capacity. However this is not the only quality of EMU suspensions, it also include all of the following:

  • It has a balanced and low spring rate
  • It offers a more comfortable ride
  • Also better control and articulation

In other words the old man EMU suspensions are the best riding and performing springs. It strikes just the right balance between street comfort and off road performance. Despite the fact that there are many suspensions which are considered superior jut on the basis of their price, they would provide you with a ride which is simply brutal. On the other hand EMU suspensions offer you the most luxurious ride ever. Plus when it comes down to hitting the trail these suspensions provide the maximum flex compared to other suspensions which simply stay stationary.

Old man emu suspensions have the biggest range of accessories for 4WD vehicles. The different customer requirements ranging from load carrying capacities to applications pertaining to mining and farming, you name it, and they got it.

Old man EMU springs

The springs help support the weight of the vehicle while also adding an additional few inches to the vehicle’s height. This in turn helps determine the kind of ride offered by the vehicle. However in order for the spring to work correctly, it is also necessary to pair it with a correctly matched shock absorber. The shock absorber helps control the spring and determines the quality of the ride. In other words springs provide the vehicle with flexibility and helps to keep the vehicle ride sooth on uneven terrains. Meanwhile the shock absorbers ensure that the extra flexibility doesn’t let the vehicle bounce out of control.

With so many benefits which an old man suspensions have to offer, it’s no wonder they are the first choice of smart drivers across Australia. Not only does it offer the best ride ever but is also affordable when compared to the rest of the 4 WD accessories available in the market.

When buying these suspensions make sure you buy them from a licensed dealer. While you may be tempted to buy suspensions which cost less than old man EMU suspensions, yet keep in mind that the quality of the ride would be severely affected. So make sure you invest in the best quality old man EMU suspensions

Tips for Long Term Storage in Melbourne

It is true that there are various situations where people are forced to store their belongings for an extended period. For example, you may choose to put away your classic car for some time. Also, there are other occasions where people decide to store their entire lives for an extended period for reasons like living abroad for a given period or a long-term deployment or long-term travel. However, while doing all this, there are some tips you need to keep in mind as discussed below:

  1. How many belongings do you want to store?

While deciding to store your stuff for an extended period, you need to consider your needs first. Which size of the store do you need for your unsecured equipment? Do you prefer to store all the belongings to avoid paying the rent for the apartment? You will realise that storage units are different sizes and are in a position of fitting any of your circumstances. However, the unit you end up must make sense.

  1. The stuff must be properly packed

Proper packing and storing of the belongings is one way of ensuring they remain secure while you’re away. Here, you need to make sure that the breakables remain well packed and the boxes are correctly stacked. All ensure you keep off the furniture and boxes from the floor if possible. If you store the items improperly, you can end up causing unnecessary damage and stress.

  1. A climate-controlled storage unit

Always prefer to store climate sensitive items like electronics and wood furniture in a climate-controlled unit. You will also realise that these units come with a little cost. However, prefer storing any sensitive climate item on this units without considering the price you’re likely to incur. By doing this, you will have have a peace mind while away knowing your items cannot get exposed to extreme temperatures.

  1. Purchase insurance

You can choose to add a layer of security to your stuff. Here, you may decide to purchase travel and storage insurance. Make this possible by researching on the current policy guidelines as one of determining if you may need any other protection while renting the unit.

  1. Have a person who will be checking the belongings

While storing the stuff for a long-term period, appoint a person who will be checking them now and then. This person can also help you to ship any item you need in case the need arises. This point becomes even vital for the case where you are storing your car for a particular number of months. Taking this car for a spin is essential as it helps to ward off any early damage that arises from sitting. However, the person you choose must be in a position of responding when you need him/her.

Source: Cheap Long Term Storage by Betta Self Storage in Melbourne

3 Reasons Why Amplifiers Should be Revived

With the advent of technology, a lot of old devices and gadgets have become obsolete. Massive gadgets have been replaced by small, portable items which are easier to carry and sustain. While it may be true that their usage is the same as the old ones, there are some devices we truly miss.

An amplifier is one of those devices. An amplifier was earlier used whenever an event required quality sound that was balanced to perfection. While the woofers and speakers played their role in offering output to the sound, the amplifier was used to provide extra voltage and energy to the speakers. This way, the output of the sound produced was much more energetic and quality improved than before.

An amplifier was earlier on used in multiple kinds of broadcasting as well. For example, radio jockeys and digital jockeys used them in their transmissions. While DJ’s still use them in their clubs, portable and efficient devices have now been introduced as a replacement.

Despite the changes in technology, we still believe there is no replacement to the conventional amplifier we all had. Here are a few reasons we definitely think an amplifier should be revived everywhere:

1. Noise Reduction and Improved Quality

An amplifier has the ability to reduce noise and disturbance in the voice transmission before letting it become an output sound. During broadcasts, the radios and sound players can catch a lot of signals in the air. The amplifier enables noise and background reduction in less than a minute and transmits clean and filtered sound for us.

If you have an old amplifier and want it fixed to reuse it again, you must definitely do so. Amplifier repairs melbourne will help you reshape your amplifier into a brand new device in no time. Get your amplifier repaired and get ready to enjoy noise-free music all the time!

2. Stable and Easy to Use

An amplifier is your stable source of dedicated voltage and power to your music system. All you have to do is connect your sound system to the amplifier and set it as per your requirements. You will be able to enjoy noise-free and quality sound in no time!

amplifier repair stability

An amplifier is very easy to use. It has labeled buttons and notches on it to alter the kind of sound output you’re striving for. Unlike the new and advanced music systems, everything is manually programmed and can be easily altered. There is no synchronized way of adjusting your sound. You just have to find your pick!

3. Reliability

One of the key reasons we want to revive an amplifier again is because of its reliability. People have been using an amplifier for decades and there is trust developed for the device. As opposed to any new, portable sound adjustment device that can be damaged if a single control is misused.

It is highly important that the new sound systems are programmed only according to their manuals. On the other hand, your amplifier is your personalized way of listening to and adjusting music.

Paper Coffee Cups

Advantages of Using Paper Coffee Cups

Paper coffee cups are basically made of paper and most of the time lined with either bit of wax or plastic to prevent the coffee from leaking. They can be made using recycled paper, and are now being used widely all over the world. The popularity of paper coffee cups is increasing tremendously due to the many advantages they can provide. Compared to Styrofoam and plastic cups, they are indeed far more beneficial.

Advantages of Using Paper Coffee Cups

Below is an enumeration of the many advantages using paper coffee cups can offer:

  • Eco-friendly

You know for a fact that the environment is deteriorating fast and global warming conditions are very alarming, hence at this moment, it is a must that everyone think of ways to preserve the environment as much as possible. And one of the best ways to do so is by using eco-friendly products, like paper coffee cups. Since they do not have Styrofoam or plastic, the material is completely biodegradable. As these paper cups are made from materials that are disposable, decomposing them is easy.

  • Convenient

Takeaway cups are nothing but convenient to carry and use. They are lightweight, hence carrying them anywhere you go is not an issue at all. If you are not into washing cups, then this is indeed your best alternative. This being the case, these cups are not only best for businesses but also families and friends going out for an outing. Not bringing excess or heavy baggage is what you can enjoy using these cups.

  • Safe

Comparing paper to plastic and Styrofoam cups, they are safer to use for hot, even cold, beverages. They do not contain any materials that are toxic, hence adding another point for safety both for health and user’s welfare. So, if you want to drink coffee without any worries about intoxication then without a doubt this is the best cup for you. Enjoy your coffee and have a completely relaxing and satisfying experience.

  • Variety

And yes, these cups come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. Designs can be anywhere from common designs to customised options. You can have your business logo printed easily on these cups. Sizes vary from the smallest you can think of to the largest. This is indeed a perfect option for businesses who want ownership of, and advertisement on, their cups.

  • Cheaper

Despite the many advantages these cups can offer, they are the cheaper option. This is also another reason why business owners and entrepreneurs choose to use these materials more than any other available materials on the market.

Now that the advantages have been laid on the table, there is no reason at all why would you not consider using paper coffee cups, may it be for business or personal consumption.

Medical Equipment Suppliers

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Medical equipment and supplies are referred to various tools, medical consumables, devices and instruments which are used in the healthcare establishments and hospitals. These medical equipment and supplies are of many different kinds such as hospital hollowware, suction units, diagnostic medical equipment, rubber medical equipment supplies, medical consumables and hospital consumables, autoclaves and much more. Many companies are involved in the trade of these medical supplies and hospital supplies wholesale. The main commonly medical equipment and supplies that are used are malecot catheters, rubber sheets, surgical rubber bulbs, stomach tube, Ryles tube, rubber infant syringes, pipette bulb, douche tube, endotracheal tubes and much more.

Classification of Medical Supplies

Medical equipment is normally classified in regard to their functions. Like for the case of diagnostic equipment we have devices like x-ray, ultrasound, MRI machines and more. For Therapeutic equipment we have infusion pumps, radiation therapy machines, medical lasers, etc. furthermore, for patients who are in critical conditions are advised to use therapeutic medical equipment like dialysis machines, heart-lung machines, ventilators and more. The medical condition of a patient is made easier and possible to the healthcare providers by monitoring of devices like blood pressure equipment, EEG, and ECG.

Uses and Market of Various Medical Supplies

Autoclave is a medical supply that sterilizes materials or equipment with high temperatures and pressure so as to ensure their safety for use and hygiene. These devices mostly use pressurized steam or heat for exposing contaminated materials and making them sterile. Autoclaves are mostly provided by many companies which are engaged in the business of medical supplies and hospital supplies wholesale. Autoclaves are mostly invaluable and are frequently used for the purpose of sterilizing many hospital consumables effectively.

Diagnostic medical equipment consists of devices such as a clinical thermometer, anesthesia equipment, laryngoscope, BP monitor, spirometer, glucometer, and much more that are used mostly for diagnosing and detecting and also assisting in treatment and prevention of different kinds of disorders and ailments afflicting human body. Australia is ranked as the best supplier for these patient diagnostic equipment. It also serves as a base to many companies that are in need of suppliers of medical equipment in Australia, or medical supplies and hospital supplies wholesale.

Hospital consumables consist of bandages, antiseptics, syringes, medical tapes, cotton roll, face tissues, surgical needles, sanitary products, etc. These medical consumables have a number of uses that vary from one equipment to another.

Medical hollowware is medical equipment items that are designed with hollow vessels by medical supplies and hospital supplies wholesale industries. Some examples of commonly used hollowware medical equipment supplies are bedpans, dressing drums, instrument sterilizers, catheter trays, surgical boxes, kidney trays and needle cases. They have a number of uses in the patient care.

Medical rubber product refers to a large number of goods such as rubber sheets, breast pumps, surgical rubber tubes, rubber catheters and other medical consumables that are made of elastic materials and water-repellent. Some of the hospital rubber products that are frequently used are nelaton catheters, rubber ice bags, chloroform bellows, rebreathing bags, rubber sheets, nasal aspirators, rectal tube and much more.

Medical refrigerators used are of different kinds of machines and devices that are used for monitoring, cooling, preservation of samples or for heating. These medical refrigerators are primarily designed for the purpose of storing non-volatile biological specimens and non-volatile reagents.

Finally the suction units are medical equipment consisting of tools and devices that are created for the purpose of performing emergency applications related to suction in infants, children and adult. These suction units make use of most medical consumables and are readily available in the market.

Identifying a Fake Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractors in Gold Coast

Tips to Identifying a Fake Electrical Contractor in Gold Coast

It is very important to always keep your electrical system within your home safe and effective and efficient, but in case of a malfunctioning, you have to contact an electrician, who is of course qualified, to settle the issue. Nevertheless, getting a qualified and experienced personnel in this field may be tricky and quite a task especially in Gold Coast where there numerous companies and contractors dealing with electrical services. Most of the electrical contractors in Gold Coast are very well experienced since they handle a variety of electrical tasks daily including switchboard upgrades, LED lighting upgrades, safety inspections, power point installation, installations of an antenna, fault finding etc.

Most of these electrical contractors in Gold Coast will give you the best advice on how to run your project. They will help you design, supply and execute their wide range of services into your property. Some even offer free call support for their customers and very committed to their policy and professional ethics. For example, they maintain no job is too big or too small, answering your call is a must, available any time of the day or week, being efficient even in your budget, turning up right on time and even offering professional services. Despite having many well-intending and reputable contractors we also have fake ones which you should be very careful not to fall into their hands. That’s why this article will help you identify at far a fake and a genuine electrical contractor.

Identifying a Fake Electrical Contractor in Gold Coast

Have you ever known that you can be sued because of hiring an unlicensed contractor? You might be asking yourself, like seriously? And that’s it, despite having some shoddy job done; you might end up in jail which is not good for you. In addition, if he gets hurt on your property and sues you, he will definitely win. That’s why you need to know how to know these illegal guys:

  • They rush you and promise for some special price if you act immediately
  • Their license numbers have some different numbers, numerals, digits, and letters
  • If he only provides box numbers only, that shows he is a fake one, and as soon as you start complaining you will never be able to trace them
  • They ask for huge amounts in advance
  • They don’t have their websites, estimates or license number in their vehicles
  • They go door to door telling you they have just finished some work down street
  • They neglect construction permits or they don’t want to get involved at

If you identify any of those signs, you better not waste your time listening to them otherwise you will regret after they are done with you. How then can you get the right electrical contractor?

Tricks to Getting the Right Electrical Contractor in Gold Coast

The first thing that you can do is to find out the requirements of every electrical contractor by the law. One thing you should know is that all contractors must be licensed in Gold Coast and therefore ensure the following:

  • Always find your contractor by word of mouth, don’t always trust what you see on the papers
  • Ask the contractor to show you the license in an actual paper
  • Always get the full name, company name and their license numbers and counter check them with the licensing department.
  • Ask for a history of complaints from the department concerning that particular contractor
  • Ask the contractor for any test they did before getting the license
  • Let them be licensed to do the task

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by anyone.

Moving Audio Equipment

Aluminium Canopies for Ute’s – The Benefits

Are you thinking about purchasing an aluminium canopy for UTE? Have you wondered why aluminium as a canopy material is a better option? There are many reason why you should buy aluminium canopies for UTE’s. Some of these include the following.

  • Aluminuim is sturdy and durable. If you drive your vehicle in extreme conditions, for example you may take it on and off for your camping trip, it’s necessary to buy an aluminium canopy because it offers you the best kind of protection
  • Aluminum makes the canopy water proof, so in case there is a chance of rain or thunder you can rest assured that all your working gear remains safe. These kind of UTE’s provide maximum protection from all kind of weather conditions. When it’s too hot or too windy, you are happy because all your stuff remains well protected.
  • Aluminium UTE’s make great makeshift tents. If you camp a great deal, sleeping in the UTE can help keep you protected. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting wet or anything or even being bitten by mosquitoes.
  • Aluminium is not prone to rusting either. So once you buy an aluminium canopy you now you wouldn’t have to worry a great deal about maintenance.
  • Just a regular cleaning can ensure that your canopy looks as good as new.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing Aluminium canopies for UTE’s

Whenever you purchase aluminium canopies for UTE’s make sure you keep the following things in mind

  • Always buy the canopy according to your requirement. If you need to use it as a camping space you may have to add additional areas for storage.
  • Also aluminium is pretty heavy so you have to make sure that your vehicle is able to handle all that additional weight.
  • Get to know your budget. Aluminium canopies may cost more but they also provide great value for money.
  • Keep in mind that a UTE is one of the most versatile car on the road, therefore I needs to be fitted with a canopy which offers is a sleek yet contemporary look.
  • Always buy the canopy from someone who is great at designing canopies specifically for UTE’s this would help make the installation process much easier.
  • If you need to add any specifications for the canopy, you may need to mention it beforehand. Doing so is always a better option because it helps you design a canopy which is well suited for your needs.
  • Check out the reviews on the internet. Chances are that people who have purchased the canopies might give you a good opinion whether you should purchase from a particular dealer or not.
  • Beware from someone who offers you a canopy for a dirt cheap price. Remember it’s the quality which matters in the long run and spending a bit more doesn’t harm anyone.

Looking for the best aluminium Canopies for your UTE’s? Look no further, just make sure you check out the different styles and varieties of aluminium canopies for utes available at CSM Service Bodies.


A Buying Guide to Trolleys

Dressing Trolleys- Buying Guide

Buying medical equipment for your medical facility is no easy feat. There are a number of things you have to buy. Plus there is always the concern for buying equipment which is high quality and at the same time gives good value for money.

Dressing trolleys, hospital beds and surgical equipment is just few of the things you might need. However the question is how you go about buying the best dressing trolleys. Read on to see that you buy the right gear for your medical facility.

medical trolley on trasparent background

The material

Dressing trolleys are made from a variety of materials. You got to choose ones which are easy to handle and easy to maneuver as well. Buy a trolley which is light weight yet durable at the same time. Most trolleys are made from steel or aluminium. The price of the dressing trolleys might differ because of the different materials from which they are constructed. Never buy trolleys which are cheap and underpriced. Chances are you might have to settle for something which won’t last you a long time. One of the first thing you should consider while buying medical equipment is to purchase top quality products.

Ease of use

Since you would be transporting medical trolleys often enough, it’s essential that these trolleys are easy to use. The wheels on the trolley makes it easier to move them along. However the quality of the wheel affects the maneuverability of the trolley. Purchase a trolley which is made up of a good wheeling system. Your employees are bound to thank you for that. Before you buy you could even compare different kinds of trolleys by checking up a few at the medical equipment supplier. Testing out a few medical trolleys and then deciding on a purchase is always a better option.

Sturdy and functional

Another things which is important is that the trolleys should be sturdy and functional as well. The material from which the trolley is designed would make it sturdy and durable. Since these trolleys see a great deal of wear and tear anything which isn’t sturdy won’t last too long. Make sure you buy equipment which can weather all kind of ups and downs without getting damaged.

Other things to keep in mind

Besides these above mentioned things, you need to keep in mind the following as well

  • Make sure you buy your dressing trolleys from suppliers who are reliable and known for their quick and timely deliveries.
  • Always test the equipment before buying it. Check it for usability and sturdiness before making a purchase. Since you would be buying products in bulk, it’s important to buy the right stuff.
  • Also get to know the dimension of these trolleys. See whether these have enough compartments to hold all the medical equipment you want to place on it.
  • If you need those trolleys to be customized according to your specific need, you might have to mention it to the supplier as well.

For more information on dressing trolleys make sure you contact Select Patient Care.

Buying Street Furniture Bins

Thinking about purchasing street furniture bins? You are at the right place. Whether you are looking for function street bins or garbage enclosures or simple bins with sleek and stylish designs, there is a wide range of variety and designs to choose from.

The things you should be looking out for when buying street furniture bins are quality and durability. Since street furniture is placed outdoors the bins should be able to withstand any sort of weather. The following are a few kinds of bins you could invest in. These include

Sleek street furniture bins with covers

Bins with covers are an ideal choice because these help keep the litter out of the eye. These days there are many aesthetically appealing designs and styles to choose from. However care must be taken that these bins should have a welded body and must come with a fixed base mounting system.

Street bins with integrated ashtrays

Such street bins are quite functional. They serve the purpose of an ashtray as well as a bin. These can be found in many designs which are pleasing to the eye as well. Plus the added benefit is that these don’t cost a great deal and won’t break the bank either.

Street Furniture bin with the door open on the left

Things to keep in mind when purchasing street furniture bins

When purchasing these bins acre must be taken of the following

The products should offer you a good value for money. After all investing in a number of bins can be a major investment and you want to ensure that you would get good value for your money. The bins should be functional and in keeping with the customer’s needs. The designs should be clever in a way which is stylish as well as practical to use.

The quality of the street furniture bins should also be kept in mind. These need to be tough and durable and able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The products should be such that they should last for decades with as little need for maintenance as possible.

Is it easy to customize the street furniture? You can even have the logo incorporated in a subtle branding style.  If you have a particular features which you want customized in the street furniture bins you could make sure you talk to the manufacturer about it.

The street furniture should also be reasonably priced. The purchase must come with some form of guarantee as well. After all you should be confident that the product which you purchase is high quality and is made from the finest materials to ensure durability.

When you are looking for quality street furniture bins & other commercial outdoor products, make sure you contact an authorised stockist today. Their professionals will help you buy products which are well suited for your outdoor area. You can even get a free quote on the number of items that you want to buy. There is an extensive range of street furniture available and you are bound to find something which would appeal to you visually and is within your budget as well.


Audio Equipment & Fire Safety

Fire Safety Equipment Queensland

Fire Safety Tips

Nothing is more hazardous than a fire accident. Imagine having to wake up in the middle of the night, the fire alarm ringing and the panic. Not a pleasant scenario but something which does seem to happen quite often by even the smallest of mistake on our parts. The following are a few fire safety tips which can help prevent a fire hazard and keep you and your loved ones safe.

fire safety equipment

The most important tips for fire safety

  • Make sure that fire alarms are installed on all levels of your home.
  • Always test smoke alarms on a regular basis. A monthly check up will help ensure that it’s in proper working order
  • Have a detailed talk with all members of your family for an escape plan in case there’s a fire. It also helps if you practice that plan every six months
  • In case of a fire make sure to exit your home and stay outside. Never go back for any of your possessions

Preventing home fires

Prevention of fire hazards comes with developing the following habits

  • Items which might easily catch fire should be kept at a distance of three feet and more
  • One of the leading cause of home fires is smoke equipment. If you are a smoker practice precautions like using fie safe cigarette. Avoid smoking while in bed and do not smoke if anyone in your home is using an oxygen tank
  • Your ashtrays should always be handy and always douse off the cigarette butts in water instead of throwing them on the floor or stamping over them
  • Keep things like match sticks and lighters away from the reach of children
  • Teach them the importance of practicing fire safety habits
  • Make sure all your portable heater are turned off as soon as you leave the room
  • Don’t keep burning candles unattended, even if it takes a single visit to the loo and back. It takes less than a minute for anything to catch fire

Reducing the risk of fire

  • Heating equipment in your home should be in efficient working condition. Poorly maintained stoves and furnaces are the leading causes of kitchen fire. So make sure your stoves and furnaces are repaired on a regular gift
  • Avoid using kerosene heaters. If you are using one make sure to refill it only after it has cooled down completely
  • Have the electrical wiring checked on a regular basis. Short circuits and fuse can lead to fire hazards as well
  • All combustible material should be stored in a cool dry and safe place
  • Don’t overload the extension cords and outlets
  • Space heaters should be placed on a hard surface and not on rugs or near bedding material
  • Choose space heater models which are installed with an automatic turn off option. Anything which doesn’t conform to the safety standards shouldn’t be bought.


However despite all the above mentioned safety practices, the best way to prevent fire within your homes and offices is to install the correct fire safety equipment available in Queensland. For further information on cost an installation make sure you visit you local fire equipment specialists.

Sound Attenuation

Sound attenuation is useful and often needed within the diesel industry. Large mechanical workings, namely generators, need a soundproofing mechanism to protect both the hearing and mental peace of those around. It is important that we understand what exactly sound attenuation is and why it is so important. Let’s take a quick walk through the basics of sound reduction.

Sound attenuation is similar to soundproof or noise reduction. It means to reduce or thin a particular sound. How does something thin or reduce sound? The factor for reducing a particular sound depends on where the sound is coming from. If it is airborne, it originates from the outside.  To keep a particular sound out, it is important to insulate the space. If the sound is generated inside a room, the sound is being absorbed.  And if it a sound is transmitted throughout a structure,  the structure should be isolated from the particular source of sound vibration.  Porous and cellular materials which are solid can be good at absorbing energy which allows them to help isolation. However, they are not good at insulating against sound.

sound attenuation

Sound Absorption

Sound absorption is where a sound wave is not reflected nor is it transmitted. The energy of the sound vibration are absorbed into and permeate the material. Three categories of sound absorbers are as follows:There are three basic categories of

  • Porous materials usually

Made out of spun or matted or fibres. Common porous absorbers include draperies, fibrous minerals wool and glass fibres, carpets, spray-applied cellulose, and open-cell foam plaster. Air flow is allowed which converts the sound energy into heat.

  • Panel (membrane) absorbers having an inflexible

surface mounted over an airspace. Think of it like a tight lid.  Common panel (membrane) absorbers include lightweight impervious ceilings and floors, thin wood panelling over framing, and glazing.

  • And resonators created by slots connected

to an enclosed chamber of trapped air. The best and most widely used example of a resonator is the renowned Helmholtz resonator. The size of the opening on this bottle shape, the length of the bottleneck, and the amount of air trapped in the air chamber account for the resonation.


Elastic materials and steel frames can allow vibrations to travel through a building.

This type of noise is travels through continuous solid connections. Adding in a float or air chamber in the floor can muffle or reduce the sound. You can also put the building on resilient material or ue cellular materials.Putting the whole structure on resilient

pads can also isolate buildings.


Foams are not good at sound insulation. Sound insulation requires a heavier mass than that of heat insulation. Add concrete or brick layers to a wall or floor will do much better at improving sound reduction.

A basic generator enclosure is constructed with metal panels that are riveted, bolted, or screwed together to create a complete enclosure. There is also a welded option where the framework of metal elements that have been fabricated or are structural is covered with sheet metal and attached with welds, rivets, bolts or screws. Some structures use panels that come pre-manufactured and are connected to form side and roof panels. Usually it comes with a Pre-hung door, and the wall and roof panels generally include either acoustic or thermal  insulation, while a sheet of metal lines the interior genset. The stressed skin construction method is where fabricated shapes are connected together to form a general structure. Then it is integrated with an external skin and finally connected together with hard rivets. Stressed skin produces a lightweight but durable enclosure where the skin as well as the structural lining combine and become load-bearing components.

Each type of enclosure offers varying levels of sound attenuation, and costs varying amounts based on materials and level of sound attenuation. Keeping in mind the basics of sound theory and ways to mute or thin sound, you can create a peaceful and healthy working/living environment.

Shigaraki System

As the exclusive importer of 47 Labs products, Audio 101 is proud to introduce the Shigaraki System:

  • Model 4716 CD Transport
  • Model 4715 DAC
  • Model 4717 Integrated Amplifier
  • Model 4722 Lens Speakers

Shigaraki System - Digital Audio Review

The Shigaraki System is a complete audiophile systems comprising four minimalistic and idiosyncratic components from Japan that harmonise to provide audio bliss to the most discerning music lover.

Junji Kimura brings a less-is-more approach to audio equipment to ensure that the listener experiences music in its purest form.

Orders received during March 2011 will enjoy a 20% discount – AU$7990 for the complete Shigaraki Systems. (RRP AU$9990).  A 10% discount on individual components is also available during this introductory period.